More than your average sock...


Designed with precision and luxury in mind, Nick'Socks combine the comfort and durability of cotton with Italian-made excellence. 

Whether paired with a suit or jeans, our conversation-starting styles are appropriate in professional and personal settings, allowing stylish professionals to express their personalities through fashion.


The Businessman

Going to work or going to a show

Ideal for work or a weekend show, Nick’Socks offer style options ranging from colorful and bold to subtle and sophisticated, allowing you to make a statement by choosing socks that best represent your individuality.


The Casual Man

For the Casual Man

Heading out for a casual date night or catching a game with friends? Choose from six Nick’Socks styles available in multiple colors to reflect your personal character.


History of the Company

Why Socks

Nick’Socks are custom made in Italy at Calzificio Palantino, the Colasanti family-run international leader in men’s hosiery, using 100% Egyptian Mako cotton. This fine cotton spun from extra-long staple fibers produces the highest quality thread that is comfortable, breathable and durable.

Nick’Socks was born of a love for fashion and the quest for a sock that lasts. Founder Nick Bruce has always been intrigued by high-quality fashion and design. Growing up in a business-minded family, Nick was the product of hard work, dedication, perseverance and adaptability. His socks are a reflection of a pursuit for excellence.


Luxury in Chicago


Chicago is becoming a new area for luxury. Men are more widely changing their style to make Chicago a new place for Fashion--White jeans and spotted shirts, new colors to make a statement, new style to call their own. Nick'Socks has their headquarters in Chicago because of the architecture, history, and diversity.